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online poker table selection softwarePoker Usher is a software tool to help you select which table to play on, by ranking tables according to player quality, thus increasing your chances of winning at online poker. It enables you to increase your chances of winning by seating you at tables with weak players - in fact, the worst players that it can find.

Poker Tools enables you to keep track of the players that lose the most (the favourite ones for you to play against). It can do this simultaneously across several online poker rooms. You receive an instant notification when one of the weak players sits down to play.

The software continously updates, so if the table at which you are playing loses the weak players or gains stronger ones, you are notified instantly. In other words, if you find out that a strong player has entered your table, you will find out straight away.

To download the poker usher software and get further details, click here.

Poker Tools is currently compatible with Party Poker, Full Tilt Poker, Bodog.com, Empire Poker and Absolute Poker, with more online poker rooms being added shortly.


Tip: Use the data mining plug in to get more data hands in your database for more reliable decision making.

Calculatem Pro

Calculatem Pro is a free poker odds calculating tool that enbales you to make more intelligent decisions when playing online poker. The software calculates the statistical odds of your success depending upon the cards that have been dealt.

Calculatem Pro employs cutting edge technology and computer algorithms to bring you great advice in a simple to use interface. It calculates the odds interactively whilst you are playing - leaving you free to concentrate on the game in hand.

See the screen shots below to get an idea of the advice available.

calculatem odds interactive chart

Calculatem Pro also incorporates pot odds into its software setup.