Texas Holdem Poker

Online Tournaments

Tournaments are something that you can indulge in in the online world, that are much more readily available and more conveniently run than in a bricks and mortar casino. The idea of a tournament is quite straightforwards. All the players pays a set amount to enter the tournament, an entry fee if you like, and receives a large pile of chips.

Play starts, with players leaving sequentially until a victor remains, who receives a cash prize. A payout schedule determines how much money is paid out to each player finished first, second, third etc.

The main advantage of an online tournament is that you get the opportunity to play loads of hands in order to improve as a player. However, a disadvantage is that the amounts of money you win or lose at one time are bigger than in a single game, which can be disconcerting - and expensive if you have a losing streak.

Advice: Once you have registered in a tournament you will continue to play unless you unregister. Once the tournament has started, you will not be able to unregister. If you are not playing - ie you have been disconnected - the site's software will continue to post your blinds and fold your cards until all your chips have gone.

Tip:Make sure you allow yourself enough time to complete the tournament.