Texas Holdem Poker


  • Slowrolling - to be sure that you have a winning hand, but hesitate before showing your hand to your remaining opponents in order to make them think that perhaps they have the winning hand.

    Slowrolling is considered to be "bad form" in a casino.

  • Premature folding - folding before it is your turn. As discussed in the rules, the game play takes place in a clockwise direction. You may be completely disinterested in your hand, but it is your duty to wait until it is your turn before you fold - otherwise you are giving other players information which they would not otherwise have.

  • Don't play really slowly. It makes the game irritating and boring for the other players. However, if you are playing online with a timer - take as long as you need to before your time runs out.

  • Don't intentionally avoid being in the games when it is your turn to place a blind.

  • Don't make comments about the playability of your hands, whether or not you play them.


Tip: treat everyone at the table with respect.