Texas Holdem Poker


  • What is collusion?
    Collusion occurs when two or more players at the same table share their knowledge to use it against another player. For example, it could be two players telling each other what cards they each have, via an instant messaging service, so the player with the weaker hand can fold. It can also be more agressive, with the two colluding players raising and reraising each other to scare off the other player.

    On online poker sites, collusion can be easier to see. The site knows all the players hole cards, which players normally play together and the players' ip addresses (they will share an IP address if they are in the same house). Other software monitors play and should flag up patterns of play likely to be attributable to collusion. It is worth pointing out here that collusion is far more likely to be spotted online than in a bricks and mortar casino.